Giving Away a Ghostly Good E-book!

Ok, I’ve decided to go obvious. Yesterday I wrote about the wonderfulness that is my friend Mary Castillo and offered to give away 10 e-book copies of her latest novel Lost in the Light. But clearly, in the parlance of journalism, I must have buried the lede because I still have SIX — yes, 1-2-3-4-5-6 — copies of the e-book that need to find their readers.

Are you one of those readers? If you are, send me an email through my contact form with the words “I want to get Lost in the Light!” and give one of these hauntingly good e-books a home on your device.

Here’s a little more about the novel:

No one remembers…

One October morning in 1932, Vicente Sorolla entered the white house on the hill and was never seen aga...

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‘Lost in the Light’ of Friendship

I first met Mary Castillo in Mrs. Hunt’s drama class, my senior year of high school. We shared the same space, but we lived in different worlds for most of that year. She was the beautiful, talented, film-loving director who I was sure would take the world by storm some day. I was the shy, unsure of herself, finding-her-own-way creative, not exactly tremendously great at anything except asking questions.

Then, that spring, Mary asked me to star in a short film she wrote about a killer ghost. Between sharing our love of old movies and lying on her kitchen floor in a puddle of chocolate syrup (it looks like blood on video — really!), we bonded. It’s been more than 20 years and not a week goes by that we don’t say hello to one another.

I am so proud of...

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