Kickstarting Creativity

Last week, Rich Burlew broke all kinds of records when he launched a Kickstarter campaign to reprint his webcomic The Order Of The Stick; in the last twenty-four hours, Tim Schafer has raised over one million dollars to make an old-school graphic adventure game. Kickstarter has allowed these creators to reach out to their audience, and completely disintermediated not only their respective publishing industries, but the entire marketplace.

It should come as no surprise that the internet allows for this kind of individual patronage. Any number of creative individuals can thank the internet for their success, from Jonathan Coulton to Leo Laporte. It was inevitable that modern communication technology, when coupled with these new societies and communities, would allow us to re...

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Fall Off 100 Times

Although some of my friends laugh at me for it, I believe that we can find important lessons in the lives of animals and our interactions with them. Maybe it goes back to adoring Philosophy classes in college and vehmently defending them whenever someone would claim they were somehow less useful than nebulous “business” classes. I firmly believe that the search for the good life is useful and will contribute more to my lasting happiness and peace, which in turn will help me be efficient and contribute more to society, than taking an entire class on how to manage employees. I’ll use what I’ve learned from Machiavelli and Arendt to manage people, thank you very much. Half joking there, I’ll also use what I learned about Aristotle and positive-based animal tra...

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Here’s a thing I do: When I need something and I don’t feel I should need it, I decide that there’s something wrong with me.

The other day, Crusie and I were out running around. It got to about two in the afternoon, and I started yawning.

“I always get tired every day, about this time,” I said. “Right at 2pm.”

“Yeah, for me it hits at three,” Jenny said.

“I know. I must need more protein or something.” Yawn. “The Spanish have it right. Siesta. That’s where it’s at.”

Turns out, the Spanish do have it right, and I don’t need more protein. What I need is a nap.

From, an infographic (I know this is a trend, but I’m kind of loving i...

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