Where Everybody Hates Your Titles

On today’s episode of StoryWonk Daily, Lani and I shared our experiences revisiting Cheers, twenty years after it went off the air. Despite talking for the better part of forty-five minutes — and adoring the show in general — we somehow neglected to mention one of the worst title sequences in television history.

First, let’s take a look at the song itself. It’s undeniably famous, but… well, there’s no way to be tactful about it. It’s bad. From the trite opening flourish to the breathy way the singer pronounces the word “got”, it’s bad; from the rhymes — “got” with “lot”, “same” with “came” and “name” — to the dreary, depressed tone, it&#...

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A Jersey Girl Went to Texas…

I went to Texas. Seeing that in print makes my eyes squint and my head tilt. It’s weird. Innocuous, Out of place. Me. In Texas, which always sounds in my head in William Shatner’s voice from Miss Congeniality: TEX-ASS!!

I went to Texas because, as I *may* have mentioned before, I was a finalist in the West Houston RWA Emily Awards in the romantic suspense category. This is the first time I’ve finaled in a writing contest and I wanted to enjoy the experience to the hilt. Since I came home a winner – I did!

We made a weekend of it, the four of us: historical romance writer Vicky Dreiling who had pushed me to enter the Emily in the first place, myself, my conference wife Anne Baker, (who brought me thi...

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Please, Stop Making an Ass out of U and Me

’Don’t you have such pretty hair, what pretty hair you have,” the woman croons. “Don’t you think you have such pretty hair? You do. You do, you know.”

The two-year-old and I just look at her, the child in puzzlement and me with growing anger. For it’s not my daughter who’s being spoken to like this in the intimate apparel section of Macys. No, this baby talk is being directed towards my 76-year-old, wheelchair-bound mother, who tries to mouth “Thank you” graciously while this stranger chatters at her in a loud voice as if she is both deaf and a moron.

My mother is neither. She has amazing hearing and a mind still sharp enough to whip my butt at Scrabble, if only she had the energy these days. My mother is also skeletal, unable to control her motorized ...

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LA Confidential

This week on Popcorn Dialogues, Alastair stands in for Jenny as we take a stroll through organized crime and institutional corruption. Sounds like fun!

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A shooting at an all night diner is investigated by three LA policemen in their own unique ways.

Bud White and/or Ed Exley. It’s complicated.

Release Date:
September 19th, 1997

James Ellroy (book); Brian Helgeland and Curtis Hanson (screenplay)

LA Confidential by James Ellroy

Mystery Analysis:
Detective as protagonist?


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