8-Sentence Sunday

Sunday!! Our favorite day because it means we get to taste a snippet of so many great writers’ works in progress. Here’s more of mine–yes, I am a great writer! (Thank you, Lani Diane Rich!) We’ve got another eight sentences from The Summer of Second Chances, Book 3 in the Women of Willow Bay series. Last Sunday, Ben was shocked when his plain little editor turned into a sexy flirt, and their dinner together was a totally surprising experience. I’m skipping the rest of the supper scene because I think you need to have the full pleasure of reading it in the actual book. Suffice to say, Ben’s relaxed, deciding that his imagination was working overtime. Sophie wasn’t trying to seduce him. Now supper’s over and they’re cleaning u...

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A Bird in the Hand, plus more that isn’t birds.

             Similar to our recent fawning adoration of Tim Gunn and his philosophy (“make it work!), today’s message is about utilizing the tools at our disposal and the materials in front of us.

Work with what we have.

             When a case of the “wants” gets the better of us, that means it’s time to step back and see what’s in the pantry.  Do we REALLY need to go out and gather more?  Or do we have enough to get us through the winter?

             Fortunately, the cold dark season is nearly over with.  Even if where you are doesn’t feel like it, yet.  I p...

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Food Judgment

I have a hang up about people judging my food — what and how much I might put on my plate and choose to eat. Even if people don’t notice and couldn’t care less, I imagine that they do and, in judging my food are also judging me.

No, I’m not just paranoid. In the past, people did indeed judge what I was eating. Not everyone, probably, but enough that I noticed. Still others actually verbalized their judgments. One instance stands out in my memory. Mom and I were having dinner with another family member at our house who’d brought a home baked pie with her for dessert. After we finished eating the main dish, the family member offered each of us a slice of pie. She specifically asked me if I wanted a piece. It was good pie and I said yes, please...

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Right to choose.

             Cast your minds back.  Back, back, back . . . .  ”Expect the unexpected” our card told us.  Right.  Well, then.  That happened.  (No one died, I promise.)

             I repeated the phrase, “accept what is” repeatedly.  (No, not excessively.)  And it might be helping.   I’ll keep you posted.

             This will be a day of no channeled suggestions or messages to share.  There is nothing else for me to add right now, except our daily draw.

“Independence  ~

Decide for yo...

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Final Report on the Big, Huge, Mega Contest–WOW

After a fun, roller-coaster ride of a week, the Big, Huge, Mega Giveaway contest finally came to an end this morning. All 20 winners have been sent emails, and their names are listed on the original post HERE. There were two people whose emails bounced back as unreachable, so if your name is on that list and you didn’t get an email, send me a note at magicmysticminerva at yahoo. I’ll try to get the prizes out sometime next week. (The books will go media mail, and so they will take a little longer.) I’d love it if the folks who won took pictures of themselves with their swag and emailed them to me, so I could put them up here on the blog.

I want to congratulate all the winners, and thank everyone who took part. I hope you all had fun, because I sure did!


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