What the Walker Wants

For the past few months I’ve been working with a local dog walking company. It’s been a rather interesting experience. My initial motivation was simply that I had never hired or worked for a dog walking company and yet at the shelter we constantly told people to use them when they worked the usual 60-80 workweeks that are so common in the District. This seemed as good a chance as any to learn and the best way to learn would be to work.


It’s definitely enlightened me and changed how I speak about dog walking. I adore the dogs I’ve gotten to know and have some clients who are truly wonderful human beings.  Recently, when advising a friend about how to find a good walker for her new dog, I realized I had some basic advice beyond “ask your...

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Kentucky Derby Day

First, I suggest reading an article about horse racing over on Slate. I can wait.

Now, I’m going to explain why I find this article thought-provoking yet deeply problematic.

First, I do give the writer credit for acknowledging his prior brutal nature in regards to horse racing where he saw them as no more “beings” than playing cards. I do think it’s good that he points out how many horses die each year from racing.

I don’t like his comparison at the end to hockey or football, wherin he claims that those opposed to modern horse racing find it acceptable “to treat a jock like an animal, if you pay him millions of dollars. But it’s no longer OK to treat an animal like an animal.” It seems to me that McClelland is equating ...

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You Can’t Give Up: or why animal advocates should watch Joss Whedon

Recently the Maryland Court of Appeals issued a ruling that upset a great many people, myself included.

I suggest reading the ruling in full. Essentially the ruling changes the status of pit bulls in Maryland. Previously, if a dog of any breed bit someone, that dog needed to be proven to have been previously known to be dangerous for there to be liability. Now, if the dog in question is known to be a pit bull or pit bull mix, there is no need to prove the dog was known to be dangerous. That dog is now expected to be dangerous simply because he is a pit. To make a bad ruling even worse, it’s not just the owners that are held liable, but landlords as well if they knowingly allow a pit bull or pit bull mix to reside on their property.

To wit, pit bulls are now considere...

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What’s small, fluffy, and trainable?

Many people who live in the DC area live in apartments. If they want a pet, they want one who doesn’t have to go outside in the winter, can be trained, is soft and cuddly, is quiet, and (most important with all the restrictions apartment buildings have) doesn’t weigh a lot.

Why aren’t all these people going out and adopting bunnies?

Many shelters have house rabbits for adoption and you can find a ton in your area through Petfinder.com and Adoptapet.com.

Need to convince the love of your life why you should adopt a rabbit?

5 Reasons Rabbits Rock

Rabbits can be litterbox trained! It’s fairly easy to teach a rabbit to urinate in a litter box so unlike a dog (much as I love them) you never have to take them outside in the snow ...

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Fall Off 100 Times

Although some of my friends laugh at me for it, I believe that we can find important lessons in the lives of animals and our interactions with them. Maybe it goes back to adoring Philosophy classes in college and vehmently defending them whenever someone would claim they were somehow less useful than nebulous “business” classes. I firmly believe that the search for the good life is useful and will contribute more to my lasting happiness and peace, which in turn will help me be efficient and contribute more to society, than taking an entire class on how to manage employees. I’ll use what I’ve learned from Machiavelli and Arendt to manage people, thank you very much. Half joking there, I’ll also use what I learned about Aristotle and positive-based animal tra...

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