Final Report on the Big, Huge, Mega Contest–WOW

After a fun, roller-coaster ride of a week, the Big, Huge, Mega Giveaway contest finally came to an end this morning. All 20 winners have been sent emails, and their names are listed on the original post HERE. There were two people whose emails bounced back as unreachable, so if your name is on that list and you didn’t get an email, send me a note at magicmysticminerva at yahoo. I’ll try to get the prizes out sometime next week. (The books will go media mail, and so they will take a little longer.) I’d love it if the folks who won took pictures of themselves with their swag and emailed them to me, so I could put them up here on the blog.

I want to congratulate all the winners, and thank everyone who took part. I hope you all had fun, because I sure did!


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Big Huge Contest–Last Day Push and SURPRISE

As most of you know, I have been holding a Big, Huge, Mega Giveaway CONTEST POST for the upcoming THE WITCH’S BROOM book here for almost a week. We’re in the end stretch now (1 day 12 hours as I write this, ending at Friday morning 12:00 AM EST), and I have to tell you that this contest has exceeded my wildest dreams. Seriously. I can’t believe how much enthusiasm and participation we’ve had. I’ve been happy dancing so much I have scared the cats

Here’s where we’re at right now:
3,037 entries (yes, that’s right–OVER 3,000!) Of course, remember that people can earn up to 32, if they actually use all the options.
2,951 page views (holy crap!)
A few fabulous people put up reviews and/or pre-ordered the ...

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Big Huge Mega Giveaway for The Witch’s Broom

a Rafflecopter giveaway

It’s the big one! I’m so excited that THE WITCH’S BROOM is coming out on April 8th–only a month away–that I am having the biggest giveaway I have ever done. There are, count ‘em, TWENTY prizes, so lots of people will have a chance to win something. [I can't afford to send the bigger prizes outside of the country, alas, but if you live outside the USA and are one of the winners, you will be sent one of the smaller ones, so no one is left out.]

Here’s what I’m giving away: the last remaining mug and notebook with the cover of The Witch’s Broom on them, five of the very cool broom refrigerator magnets, ONE EACH of my other six books from Llewellyn, including a copy of Circle, Coven & Gr...

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Four Books and a Novella

No, that’s not the name of a RomCom movie about my life starring Hugh Grant (although that would be pretty cool).

Although if you WERE going to do a movie about my life this year, “Four Books and a Novella” would make a pretty good title, since it is starting to look like most of my time is going to be devoted to those five projects. And if you’re thinking “Gee, that seems like a lot,” you’d be right! (I’m not saying I’m sitting here hyperventilating just thinking about it, but um…anyone got a brown paper bag?)

Here’s the thing: normally, I write two books a year. One nonfiction book for Llewellyn, and one novel. For many years, the nonfiction books were published at about the rate of one a year, and I had to d...

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Getting Through the Long Winter: Spirit, Spells & Sharing

Winters are often tough, but this one has really been a challenge for many of us. Much of the US has dealt with long stretches of bitter cold and winter storms bringing snow and ice as far south as Texas. On the far western side of the country, there are droughts and winds instead. Outside the United States, the weather has also been extreme, although not always cold. It’s the beginning of March, and I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to feel like this winter is Never Going to End. Of course, there are plenty of practical things that can help you keep going: exercise, rest, and of course, lots of chocolate. But if those aren’t working for you this year, I’ve got a few ideas for how to cope, using spirit, spells, and sharing—hopefully one or more of these app...

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