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Hi everyone!

It’s been a long time since I’ve written a post here on the BettyVerse, mostly because the software that we were using to feed the site was working so well that there wasn’t a need. It’s been wonderful to keep up with all of your blogs, and see this community go from strength to strength!

That said — and the more perceptive among you will have noticed the subtle use of the past tense in the last paragraph — the time has come to make some changes. First, a word of explanation: the BettyVerse worked, until today, by pulling RSS feeds from the fifty blogs which make up this community. The clever machinery behind the scenes would detect when one of our community bloggers had posted something new, and make a shiny post right here...

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Process? Um…Okay…

My writer pals, Ainsley Brooks and the Lit Diva are taking part in a Writing Process blog tour and they’ve invited me along. I agreed because this is kind of a sensitive topic for me, and I think it’s because I feel like I should have a process, but I’m not at all sure I do. I want to be able to tell you that I write x number of hours each day and set word count goals. I want to tell you that the writing always, always comes first, that I get pop out of bed at 4:30 each morning and get my 1000 to 1500 words in before the sun rises. I want to tell you that I’m a disciplined outliner, that I make timelines and character studies, and that I know from word one who all my characters are, where the story’s going, and how it will end. That is pro...

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Open hand and heart and mind.

             At first it seemed like our combined messages were kind of opposing one another.  But actually, they’re working pretty damn well together.

             As long as we view with our honest eyes and truly see ourselves as other do.  (By which no one ever means what the outside shell looks like.)

Theirs is theirs.

             Not saying, “hey, I got mine!”  Instead, more along the lines of allowing others to live their lives, while we live ours.  And doing it with intent.  Focused, mindful intent.

             After all, we worked hard...

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Blowing Past Limitations

Okay, you know that I’m a big fan of entertainment reality shows like The Voice and Dancing with the Stars. Not only am I entertained, I am frequently inspired. Never more so than tonight’s season premier of DWTS.

One of the dancing “amateurs” is Amy Purdy. She was terrific with pro partner Derek Hough. Sharp, snappy, quick footed, graceful, energetic. Really great. Amy Purdy is a double amputee and wears prosthetics below her knees on both legs. She’s a bronze medal winning snowboarder who competed in the 2014 Paralympics while also training for DWTS.

She’s my new hero. Here is a beautiful young woman who doesn’t believe in limitations. I’d venture a guess that if someone told her she couldn̵...

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Ella: I Think I May Need A Therapist For This

Word Count: 54,625

I was working on a scene last—well, the last time I was writing. (Let’s just don’t talk about it, okay?) My protagonist, Alis, is arguing with her ex. I need it to be a big fight, I need her ex to be truly awful, because I need Alis to be mad enough to do something outrageous.

They’ve got lots of things to fight about: the kids, the house, his girlfriend. The ex is self-involved and condescending; Alis has a lot of repressed anger issues from ten years of trying to make nice. It should have been easy to write.

Here’s what I’ve got: [argument here]. This is actually what it says in my manuscript.

Then I went on and wrote the rest of the scene, because I cannot for the life of me write that argument. Every time I tr...

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Krissie: All About you (and me)

Top o’ the morning to you. Mind you, I hate St. Patrick’s Day for personal reasons – just the anniversary of something better left unsaid – but it used to be a nice, inoffensive holiday with a lot of drunks and green beer and the occasional IRA infiltrator. My love of gardenias came from that day — I was living and working in NYC and went out during lunch and they were selling them (as well as green carnations) so I bought one and smelled it all afternoon. Yum. So we have two questions today.

First off, what flower are you, your outer self and your secret self. I’m a peony, full blown and gorgeous and so powerful I know down all the others and sometimes my own stem (which leads me to another interesting metaphor — that even a peony...

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Such Simple Steps

             Nothin’ like waking up with your message glaring you in the face.  Today the Universe is blunt.  And direct.  No doubt about it.

             But also, by what I saw, of course it’s the right way to go.  For everyone involved.  It just SO isn’t up to us to argue.  We’re the ones who plotted this all out beforehand, anyway.

Face it,

fix it.

             My own recommendation to this would be to grab a Quick 3 Minute self-care moment to honestly look at what the primary issue is....

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On dead pets, romance, and the upside of uncertainty

Saturday afternoon, we said goodbye to our 16-year-old cat, Ivy. She spent her final moments on earth rolling in a big pile of catnip, purring her big, drooly, toothless purr, and thrusting her butt at us for scratches.
Ivy is now raising hell in kitty heaven.

All things considered, that’s how I’d like to enjoy my last living moments.

I’ve gone through the aging process with a lot of pets over the years. More than once, I’ve had to ask the tough question of whether it’s time to say goodbye to a furry companion. More than once, some well-meaning acquaintance has given me a look of intense compassion and declared, “you’ll know when it’s time.”

You know what? I haven’t. Not usually, anyway. The last...

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Feeling Financially Grateful

I’m watched the Chopped – Tournament of Stars tonight. Singer Carnie Wilson was one of the episode’s contestants. She’s part of the trio Wilson Phillips, although in recent years, I’ve seen her more frequently on a variety of celebrity reality shows. She’s also pretty famous for having gastric bypass surgery several years ago. (According to her tonight, 14 years ago.)

I remember a few years ago, she’d gained all of the weight back that she’d previously lost with the wls and went back for another procedure. She had a lap band added to help her lose weight again. I remember at the time thinking that must have been a horrible experience for her — to have fought so hard to lose weight, had success, and then backslid ...

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StoryWonk Sunday 70: He Was Dead The Whole Time

This week on the show, we have a bushel of opening bits, a discussion on location and world building, thoughts on spoilers, and tell you why you shouldn’t discuss Buffy in Barnes & Noble.

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